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A story of replacing some functionality of expensive GUI tools with ancient Linux terminal commands.


Over the past year, I have become a big fan of the direct sustaining support model for things I care about. Here are the things I am currently supporting.


A common occurrence in Go is wanting to do a lot of something, but with some


Recently I have gotten back into writing lots of material, from short stories to poems, and came to realize just how effortless and distraction free Vim can be as a writing tool.



Some are embarrassing, whoops

Cowboy Examples

This is a simple project to show some examples of using the Erlang Cowboy “Small, fast, modular HTTP server and socket acceptor pool”. The first order of business was to port all the amazing misultin examples over to cowboy. Part of my motivation for doing this was the misultin end of life.


The worlds dumbest and simplest recursive de-duplication tool, with undo coming soon!

IIS Memcache Module

An IIS7 Memcache Module written in C++, allowing fast REST style access to Memcache directly from IIS core.


This silly bot just posts links from the mumble chat to a subreddit, that is all. Does minor special handling for youtube and imgur. Don’t expect it to be top quality, it is my goof around project.

#vim on Freenode

I maintain the #vim channel on Freenode (IRC)


Cayley is an open-source graph inspired by the graph database behind Freebase and Google’s Knowledge Graph.


Fuzzy Finding For Windows Windows. I have many windows open at once, and I like to be able to find them the same way I would a buffer in vim. This lets me do this (sorta). Working on making it work with chrome tabs properly.


Online Card and Tabletop Gaming Network.

No Frils (AKA: Syntax Highlighting Off)

A experiment to see if it is easier to program without syntax highlighting.

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